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School photo day

School Photo Day is a series of GIF animations created from photographs inspired by and developed further from the viral TikTok trend of the same title. These contrasting photosets show the outward impression we give to others versus the way we see ourselves or what is going on under our surface. With the pandemic limiting what we could do I chose to use just one model and with my creative input have them become different characters based on high school stereotypes.

I created a "light" and "dark" version of each character, both of which are only shown if the viewer spends time looking at them and sees them glitch from one to the other. This is a metaphor for us only seeing one side of a person until we spend more time with them or delve deeper into their personality, to really get to know them. This is especially important in the current time due to the lack of physical interaction we have had with others, which may have put barriers up around us, or caused mental health problems for some. 

Inspired by the viral trend I was able to bring together the theme of stereotypes and go against them in a way that shines some light on “taboo” topics as we know them. This then critiques our superficial ways of looking at people's identity as it digs deeper into one's lifestyle showing their true self. This also allowed me to use the series as a platform to spread awareness of some issues exacerbated by the isolation we are experiencing. Additionally, the animations are an example of how both social media and playing up to a stereotype can mask our true feelings, and how this can affect us.

School Photo Day GIF.GIF
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