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Aptitude is a portrait series of six digitally manipulated photographs based on the idea of a fabricated video game of the same title. With the use of digital editing software the images show the six characters in the game who all have a unique special ability. The abilities are shown through the use of icons and inanimate objects which have been digitally manipulated into the images, creating a more surreal and fantasy based photographic series.

The images of each character have been produced in a booklet format which is usually included inside a video game case. The booklet itself features information based on the game as if it were real along with a profile and portrait of each character within the game. This booklet has been presented inside a game case which features a full case cover and disk also digitally manipulated, creating a realistic body of work which follows the body of video game. To achieve this I have repurposed an old game case and reproduced it for my own use which then adds to the idea of ‘cutting out’ the old content and replacing it with the new.

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