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Bloom town

Bloom Town is a children’s board game, unlike most board games Bloom Town is created from a series of digitally manipulated photographs, inspired by my own admiration for games. Digital manipulation and post post-production software has allowed me to enhance real imagery to bring my own imagination to life and visually produce the residents of Bloom Town as a photographic series.

In the photographs we see the residents of Bloom Town showcasing their professions where they appear to be fantasy-like and cartooned. Through two contrasting sets of imagery we see the residents of Bloom Town in their joyful everyday life, but we also see them full of gloom when the masked man casts a spell across the Town.

In the land that welcomed the dark goblin and evil magic, no one stood a chance of happiness, until a town far away was discovered and given the name, Bloom Town. Bloom Town was beautiful, nearby residents couldn’t believe their discovery, but it wasn’t just any old town. Bloom Town was in fact the home of the enchanted forest, the source of good magic. Blossom trees bloomed, apples were golden and everything was perfect, a town had never felt more welcoming. Residents of the town began to build local empires; one family set up a bakery and another ran a butchers next door. The local police woman and nurse looked after the town when in need and the farmer provided families with crops and essentials such as eggs and milk. Everyone in Bloom Town were friends. These bonds spread positivity over the town until one day the dark goblin found himself in the enchanted forest. The dark goblin built a lair down in the forest and cast an evil spell on the town. The colourful streets, rays of sunshine, even the beautiful blossom trees became dull. Bloom Town was no longer blooming flowers, it was in fact, filled of gloom.


We need your help, as a group of young wizards learning the world of magic, you are the only ones who can help us. You need to create a potion in order to cast a spell that will have the town back to being beautiful again. To do this you will need to visit 10 locals, the baker, the butcher, the hair dresser and many others. Each resident of Bloom Town will have something needed for the potion you desire. Once you have collected all the ingredients, you must make your way to the wizards lair to undo his spell.  But quick Bloom Town is relying on you, are you ready for the quest?

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