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modern vicotrian fashion

‘Modern Victorian Fashion’ is a collaborative body of work from university with another photographer and two fashion artists. The fashion artists designed a dress and hat based around the theme of modern victorian and gave us a prompt to follow. The fashion artists requested that their garments to tell a story of a young girl feeling trapped in a dress but growing to love it and feel beautiful. They also requested that we include curiosity cabinets from the victorian era in the work. This concept is shown in the cabinet image which was a series of digitally manipulated images which we came up with which allowed us to not only tell their story but also combine the concept of the cabinet which they requested us to do. Along with this we shot some look book imagery which we chose to do to our own preference as well as the short video which shares the concept of a girl in the victorian era coming across a dress in the woods.

Cabinet Final copy.jpg
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